Executive Team
David Eidson, President and CEO
Ann Q. Curry, Chairman and Chief Client Strategist
Ali Abercrombie, Director of Advancement Services
Mary Pat Crouch, Senior Vice President
April Ledom, Director of Talent Management
Beth Lynch, Chief Financial Officer
Lisa Maulding, Vice President

Campaign Directors
Ali Abercrombie
Mary Pat Crouch

Ann Q. Curry
David Eidson

Lisa Maulding
Tavia McCuean

Daniel Preister
Deborah Ryan

Associate Campaign Directors
Laura Hamm 
Karen Lindsey
Jill Vaysman

Senior Consultants
Margaret Connelly
Ann W. Cramer
Phil Jacobs
Christina Lennon
Lovette Russell

Senior Campaign Managers
Angela Ballantyne
MacKensie Brandt
Lindsey Caldwell
Rebekah Groover
Amelia Nickerson

Campaign Managers
Sarah Buckley
Stacey Stephens

Associate Campaign Managers
Samantha Autry
Katie Brown
Liana Kloss

Campaign Assistants
Alex Dileo
Katie Ward

Campaign Interns
Anna B. Currey
Janie Price

Advancement Services
Ali Abercrombie, Director of Advancement Services
Adi Bates, Advancement Services Assistant
Kim Blass, Communications Director
Tonya Cross Brown, Senior Research Specialist
Cara Curtis, Communications Director
Laney Ey, Director of Research and Analytics
Nancy Sestak, Donor Systems Consultant

Marianne Cassidy, Executive Assistant
Patricia Clarke, Administrative Specialist
Cindi Finnigan, Office Manager
Theresa Morris, Executive Assistant